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Have a drink with us

• Budweiser

• Miller lite

• Tsingtao

• Coors Light

• Bud Light

• Heineken

• Corona

• Sapporo (can 22oz.)

Bottled Beer

Draft Beer

• Kirin ichiban

• Yuengling

• Killians

• Michelob ultra

• Bud light

• Sapporo

Mixed drinks

Long Island Iced Tea

Join us after a long day for a drink. In addition to amazing authentic Mongolian cuisine, we also have the beers, drafts and mixed drinks you want. Be sure to ask us about our DISCOUNTS for senior citizens.

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Vodka, rum, triple-sec, tequila, sweet and sour, coke

Pina Colada

Tropical blend of Bacardi and Malibu rums with our pina colada mix

Tropical Breeze

Malibu rum, midori, cranberry and pineapple juice

Bahama Mama

Myers's dark rum, Malibu rum, Amaretto, pineapple, orange juice and a splash of grenadine

Singapore Sling

Gin, cherry brandy, sour mix, grenadine, and a splash of sprite

Mongolian Sunrise

Malibu rum and Melon Liqueur mixed with orange and pineapple juices and a splash of grenadine

Frozen Mudslide

Vodka, Bailey’s, and Kahlua, topped with milk and thickened chocolate


Blend of Myers's dark rum and Malibu rum

DW's Flaming Volcano For 2

Absolute and Amaretto with pineapple, cranberry, and grenadine. 151 Floater

Blue Hawaiian

Light rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, crème of coconut

A Day At The Beach

Coconut rum, Amaretto, orange juice, grenadine


Other-worldly blend of three different rums including 151

Mai Tai

Myers's dark rum, light rum, triple sec, Crème de Noyaux, sweet and sour, pineapple juice

Sex on the beach

Vodka, raspberry, melon and pineapple juice

Non-Alcoholic Smoothie

Iced mango, mango and other tropical fruit juices mixed with a hint of coconut and swirled with raspberry puree

Frozen Iced Raspberry

Red raspberry, coconut, and pineapple

Tropical Smoothie

Mangos, passion fruit, pineapple, and coconut

Pina Colada

Pina colada and coconut

Peach Smoothie

Crushed peaches blended with juices and raspberry swirl

Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

Delicious iced blend of strawberries, coconut, and banana mixed with pineapple and orange juice

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